Arlo's Orchid


Our relishing Tit-bits.

The Unique orchid not only brings divine fragrance but also brings lots 'n' lots of positive vibrations through the energetic 'TIT BITS'. The tit-bits are tiny messengers that brings happiness when you read. They also tell about your feelings, surprises that will make you feel good. We have thousands n thousands of catchy and exciting tit-bits. As we decided to make revolution in tamil literature, we took our ancestor's ancient quotes that have high moral values. We also take part in your life through our tit-bits and make your day very special. Every tit-bits will be seen once when you open our orchid agarbatti box. You have to check out for a message on the outer box that indicates the presence of tit-bits. You can also share your favourite and new tit-bits on our fb page.