Arlo's Orchid



We are now in the place to proudly launch our new brand of incense to the heavenly body "Earth". Our Fragrance brings commmunication with the transcendent. "Aura" created by our incense would be very pleasing,pleasant,relaxing and heavenly....

Arlo’s Orchid is one of the agarbathi brand of the company . Arlo’s Orchid Agarbathies was established in 2015; catering to the domestic market. Our incense made of special unique scent which is blended in house with the special ingredients will let you relax all your stress and relieve from it. The pleasing fragrance will take you to a new world. 

Arlo’s Orchid is becoming, one of the fastest reaching market. Within a short period of time it has reached millions of people and still reaching high. It has launched a new idea of giving the agarbathi with the customer’s choice of fragrances. People can convey their choice of fragrance in our fb page . The maximum number of appraisal for a particular fragrance will be chosen as the Orchid’s fragrance for the next product. It has created a outbreak among the people right now. We also give privilege to the customers, to express their feedback of the agarbathi in our page or website. People who frequently mould us by expressing their feedbacks of our products will be thundered with the surprising goodies at their doorsteps.

The export division has started to export incense and related products in a trivial basis.

We also successfully extended our business all over India. Our prime buyers include Karnataka, Maharashtra, Goa etc.., We are also looking forward to export to any country and meet their requirement in a very satisfying way.  We also invite trade enquiries to establish our business in required places. We have promising quality of Incense sticks that helps traders for a better marketing. We, the company have a very good ethical values on non compromising of quality, providing the affordable price, satisfying the people.
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